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I've been able to install basic trainers, but I cant get Lemon UI or ANY script to work.

  • I've been using Open IV, i've installed scripthook, shvdn2, LUA, i have a seperate mods folder and scripts folder, etc. I feel as though I've been following all the directions for every specific script i've downloaded, some have been outdated for years (lol) some are more recent, nothing except for basic trainers (Native Trainer & PC Trainer V) work. Plus i dont even know if Lemon UI is installed correctly because @justalemon 's PlayerCompanion isnt working or any other script that requires LemonUI.

    please help lol

    Here's my files:

  • LemonUI files should go into the scripts folder.

  • appreciate you bro!

  • @time2000 As you install new mod scripts, remember that asi files will go in the root/installation folder where the asi loader (dinput8.dll) can find them and load them.

    Key dll files such as ScriptHookV.dll and the ScriptHookV dot nets are also installed in the root folder, but any other dlls and folders from mods you install going forward, usually end up in the scripts folder.

    So follow the instructions that come with the mod.

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