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Please help!

  • I re-downloaded gta5 after formatting windows upgrade
    And when I ran the game, inconsistent colors and graphics appeared and I didn't erase them before, I'll attach pictures


    Knowing that it was working
    I have tried playing without mods but to no avail

    Please help me and thank you very much![alt text](image url)

  • @Mahmoud-Al-Dimashqi I'm not sure what you mean by formatting windows upgrade. Do you mean you upgraded to Windows 11 or you did a Windows update?

    Either way, this doesn't seem to be a GTA5 issue but rather a Windows F****dup again.
    I'm thinking video drivers. Update your video drivers, hopefully not integrated graphics, from the nvidia or amd sites. That would be my first step.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Problem Resolved , the error was in GTA5 files , when i verify game problem solved.

    Thanks BRO!

  • @Mahmoud-Al-Dimashqi Good, glad to hear it.

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