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Adjusting in-game sound effects?

  • Hello everyone, I just past through every single scripts page and couldn't find any kinda mod that helps reducing or increasing in-game sound effects. I wanna reduce the volume of thunder and rain effects but I can't find the right sound effect inside x64 audio. Does anyone knows how to adjust those effects? I know I should export then import the reduced sounds but I just wanna now where the hell is those effects.

  • @lasper Could be ...\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\audio\config\categories.dat22.rel?
    Export it with RPF Explorer as xml, zero out or reduce the values. Then reimport.
    I haven't done this with thunder but I did it to remove the ocean sound from downtown Liberty City.
    Solution courtesy of @a63nt-5m1th .

    <Item type="Unk0" ntOffset="2842">
    <Flags value="0xAAAAAAAA" />
    <Unk01 value="0" />
    <Unk02 value="600" />
    <Unk03 value="0" />
    <Unk04 value="23900" />
    <Unk06 value="0" />
    <Unk08 value="100" />
    <Unk09 value="100" />
    <Unk10 value="100" />
    <Unk11 value="100" />
    <Unk12 value="100" />
    <Unk13 value="100" />
    <Unk14 value="100" />
    <Unk15 value="0" />
    <Unk16 value="0" />
    <Unk17 value="100" />
    <Unk18 value="4" />
    <Items />

  • @lasper
    You have a few options. As @JohnFromGWN mentioned, you can export the '.rel' files (to '.rel.xml') using CodeWalker's RPF Explorer (always get CodeWalker from that Discord link, one on gta5-mods is out of date). Once exported, search files for 'thunder' & 'lightning' etc & then lower the '<Unk' values ascosiated with them to find the one for volume.
    'weather_thunder' in 'categories.dat22.rel' is a global value, lowering the volume there will lower the volume for all thunder sounds at the same time (same for any rain ones you find in there too), but you can likely use the same principle in other locations/'.rel' files to find & isolate individual sounds & lower volumes one at a time.

    If you want to edit the actual Thunder/Lightning/Rain audio files you can find most of them in:

    ...\mods\x64\audio\sfx\RESIDENT.rpf\weather.awc (contains thunder/lightning/rain sounds)
    ...\mods\x64\audio\sfx\ONESHOT_AMBIENCE.rpf (filter by 'thunder' & also 'lightning' & you'll find their '.awc's)

    For '.awc's, there's no way to filter the files inside them, & often files have hex_hash names ('0x06B8CE61' etc) so they won't show up in a search for thunder/lightning/rain anyway. You just have to listen to all the sounds in the '.awc' & figure out which ones are thunder/lightning/rain, make a note of them, & then right-click the '.awc' > 'Export to openFormats' using OpenIV ('.oac' file & folder of individual '.wav's produced) & edit the identified '.wav' files with a program like Audacity etc & finally reimport them by dragging the '.oac' back into original location & OpenIV will automatically convert the '.oac'(+'.wav's) to an '.awc'.

    Might be the odd thunder/rain sound in '.awc's like 'ambience.awc' or such. Most are in 'weather.awc', but maybe broaden the search for thunder/rain audio file locations if you find some sound volumes are not affected when you edit the main file locations mentioned above. :thumbsup:

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