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  • i replaced franklin by the john cena mod and didn't make backup. now I need franklin. can anyone give backup?

  • If you overwrote main folder files simply verify the games files. If in a mods folder simply copy the vanilla files from the main game files.

  • @Bet Nimrod I can't verify because my game is cracked. Can you please give me 'player_one' folder backup from the streamed peds folder? Please you can give it to me by Mediafire. It's totally free.

  • @BorkLaser Sharing original game files is not allowed here. Just reinstall from your crack.

  • @BorkLaser when you reinstall from the cracked version make sure all the malware, trojans, keyloggers, bit coin miners, and rootkits packaged for free with your torrent are properly updated. And no, defender, avast, avg, McAfee, Symantec, etc will not detect these.

  • @Jitnaught Reinstalling is not too easy bro. Do you know any place I can get backup?

  • @BorkLaser Sorry, no. Not using a mods folder is your second mistake. Not buying the game legitimately is your first.

  • @JohnFromGWN Sites like Fitgirl's (though they and their community are rather rude and unkind) and DODI's don't have those. Not that I'm in support of illegal acquisition of content.

  • @BorkLaser Yes you can get your backup on Pirate's Bay, but which part of "Discussions about malware or pirated content" don't you get. You can buy the game for $10, that's less than 1 hour's pay for flipping burgers at Mickey D's.

  • @Bet-Nimrod Yeah right. They don't because they told you to ignore the message when you scan them that says it contains a virus. Good advice.

  • @JohnFromGWN Ignorant response. Also, not advice. Information. Anyway, bye.

  • @Bet Nimrod Thanks for your help, but I dont need it anymore. Im using a mods folder btw. Just replaced frank by mistake

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