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Why does my game hang then crash when I open Cheat Box(`)key or using text editor in Menyoo(spawn vehicle or change number plate)

  • Like the title, i don't know what happened. I use the newest version of Menyoo and have a good gameconfig. When I launch the game, I use these thigns and it works fine, until later on when i drive or stop at somewhere else, the game hang then crash. I don't know what happened. Please help. i tried everything from reinstall the game, verify cache, reinstall Menyoo....but didn't work.

  • Why there's no reply?

  • @devboilol there's no reply because there's no reply.

  • @Bet-Nimrod do you know what my problem is?

  • For anyone to help diagnose your issue then a lot more information is needed. Is it specifically when you use any text input or only those two? Does the cheat box work okay when all mods are inactive? Do you get any sort of error message when it crashes? What other mods do you have installed?

    Without knowing these things then your crash could be caused by literally anything.

  • When I use text input after i loaded the game it works fine, but after driving around and playing for a few minutes, when I tried to open it again, it hangs. There's no messages, just freeze right there. I just install car mods only. Also without mods the game still hang when use text input after playing for a few minutes.

  • @devboilol as @ItsJustCurtis wrote, it's impossible to troubleshoot with so little information, but let's look at some possibilities.

    You mention the game doesn't crash on text input, but rather a few minutes later. Does it crash regularly without text input?

    1. Is your PC or laptop just meeting system requirements or is it powerful enough to run this game properly with car mods installed (some of which are very high polygon). Are your video drivers updated?

    2. You said the game crashes without mods. What process did you use to disable your mods? Did you rename dinput8.dll? If not, you are still loading asi files so your game is still modded. If Menyoo is running, you're modded. You said you have only car mods, so we will not mention scripts.

    Those are just some thoughts but the first thing I would suggest in a mystery like this is to do a verify integrity even though you did a reinstall. Very possible you have a corrupt file. If you have a corrupt game save file, that won't be caught by this process so you might want to start a new game.

  • @JohnFromGWN Without text input it's fine, and my pc have all the requirements to run it. I remove openiv.asi and replace another dinput8.dll to disable it. I also verify the game files but it didn't work out. I'm also having another problem. Today when I add new cars, and spawn using menyoo, it said invalid model, although I did the right way, put the car files in the dlcpacks folder and added new line under the dlclist.xml, type in the correct spawn name but it doesn't spawn. The old cars are fine but the newest ones doesn't spawn. I installed these cars:

  • @devboilol said in Why does my game hang then crash when I open Cheat Box(`)key or using text editor in Menyoo(spawn vehicle or change number plate):

    @JohnFromGWN replace another dinput8.dll to disable it.

    What do you mean by replace another dinput8.dll, you have to rename it, for example dinput8.bak. The fact you are having problem with text input is likely a conflict with a script mod. What do you have installed in the root folder and scripts folder as mods?

    For the cars, are they installed as replace or addons? Make sure you have the right spawn name if they are addons, it isn't always the same as the folder.

  • Here's what i have
    And the cars are addon, not replace

  • Freecamv doesn't work so i use aikido one.

  • @devboilol When you install mods you need to follow the instructions. Ironically the easiest instructions are those with script mods.

    If your mod consists of dll files, they go into the scripts folder. There are mod exceptions such as dinput8.dll, ScriptHookV.dll and the shvdn files.

    If you have .asi files, like a trainer or heap adjuster for example, they go in the root (installation) folder with GTA5.EXE where they will be loaded by dinput8.dll which is also called the asi loader.

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