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Someone has stole many files from here.

  • This guy over on libertycity.net called Vinni36 has stole over 7000 files from this site and publishes them under his own name. I found this out by looking for a Harley Davidson mod and found that every Harley mod here, is on his own page.

    If you don't believe me, I implore you to look into this guy here: https://libertycity.net/user/Vinni36/

  • @Raelexx And there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it, especially in countries that have no respect whatsoever for intellectual property, copyrights, or patents.

  • There are many websites that copy mods from GTA5-Mods. Nothing can really be done about it, as John said. Although I don't think it is entirely a bad thing, because these websites can be used as an archive. There are many mods that have been taken down on GTA5-Mods that are still available on these rehosting sites.

  • @Jitnaught True. Particularly for the mods that Take Two had this site remove pending the Trilogy launch - as if these mods, particularly the Vice V Mod, which is glitchy as hell, would keep loyal franchise fans from purchasing the originals or the Trilogy.

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