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How can i play with a old Gameversion

  • Hi,
    how can i play offline with my saved old gameversions?
    is this possible?

    i thank you for infos links and help Geo

  • @geooo do you mean your old saved games or the old version of the game?

  • @JohnFromGWN Probably old versions of the game they have saved as backups. Unless they are using that to hide the fact that these are older versions which have been downloaded illegally.

  • you just put the old .exe in the games root folder, its not some complex mysterious witchcraft. Thats how we get around the scripthook issue when a new update is released.

  • @ItsJustCurtis Not that simple because we don't know if his current game is modded or if he wants to mod his old game. That's why I asked if this is a save game file or an old game.

    If he just wants to play his old game, as is, modded or not, he doesn't need to copy over the .exe. In fact he doesn't need to do anything at all except prevent the game from updating.

    What you suggested only works if he also keeps the same version of scripthook as his .exe, if not scripthook will not allow the game to load. So the bottomline is if he just wants to play his old game he doesn't have to do anything. If he wants to mod, that's a different story - then I would question if the game was purchased.

    I think he's already figured out that he can only play offline - as per his request. In passing I don't understand why someone would not want to update their legal game unless they have a mod from 2015 that is outdated and they just can't play without it.

  • Hmm. Ignored. Ok I see how it is. :/

  • In order to play an older game version (Non-Cracked GTA V) you will need to replace the following files:


    A quick search of older game version you wish to use can be found on Google or YouTube, for example:

    "GTA V downgrade to 2245"

    You will then need to "copy update.rpf / common.rpf to mods folder" because you cannot have a version mismatch between the game update.rpf / common.rpf and mods .rpf files.

    To prevent the game from auto-updating and reverting all of the work you have just carried out above, you will need to install NoGTAVLauncher.

  • @ZED_ That's quite a few files. Actually, having done this about 3 or 4 times while waiting for SH updates, you really only need 2: GT5.exe and Scripthook, but that's only if the the OP wants to play with mods. If not, it's not necessary to have Scripthook. You certainly don't need common.rpf in your mods folder with a few exceptions (some mods). And update.rpf from mods is there only if you have addons - none of which were mentioned.

    As for the No launcher great if you're on Epic, sucks if you're on Steam because it doesn't support it.

    There isn't enough information from the OP to understand exactly what he wants to do and why. People who downgrade have very specific reasons, because other than something out of the ordinary, there is no reason to downgrade. And downgrade to what version, OP never said how far back.

    In fact we don't know if he has an old save game file with his missions he wants to migrate to a new PC or a new installation. As I said before we don't have any idea why the OP wants his old game but my guess is he has no clue how to update.

    Finally, what we do on our own PCs is strictly our own business. But helping replace game files is against the EULA and likely against the community guidelines because this process is pretty similar to cracking.

    A similar post was locked recently for similar reasons.

  • Hello, thank you for the answers.
    I thought I already answered you, the message somehow got lost. Thanks for all the tips
    I try all the tips little by little, unfortunately a few did not work (e.g. the nogamelounger no longer works, too bad)
    So I have a purchased, registered game that I want to continue to play offline with many mods. I don't want any more updates, because then another mod is always out of date or no longer works despite scripthookV etc. etc.
    Unfortunately, gta5 has been updating automatically since the rockstargamelounger was there, without being able to prevent it (of course I have removed the check mark for automatic updates). Unfortunately, I don't know how to prevent the update in the firewall.
    if i unplug the network cable while playing the game or if i have the internet off, it says: no connection to social club and the game does not start. I just don't understand why I can't play offline, i.e. in offline mode, because my game is already registered and logged in on my computer. That was still possible before the GameLounger.
    I have 2-3 complete backups with all folders but no matter which backup version I play completely new on my computer, nothing works. - in short, I can't play my old backups and I can't play offline either.
    If someone has a last tip, I'll be happy. Greetings and thanks for helping. Lg Geo

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