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Falling through the map

  • Hi maybe someone can give a hint. I still use menyoo its working. One glitch i have is , if teleporting most of the times after teleport i fall throug the map. Whats that? THX for help.

  • Since this thread seems to be ""helpless!"" I found the problem myself. One need to turn on collissions in menyoo. In case others have had or have this kind of problem. As for this forum lots of questions seems not to be answered a rate of only 30% ,,,

  • @nieda113 If we had the slightest clue we would have answered. You need quite a bit of information to help. The fact that you said "most of the times" means the issue is inconsistent - implying good luck finding the solution. Even based on your answer, with collision off, I don't see how your player was able to stay on the map at any time. If you had written my player is falling through the map when I load the game, it would have been obvious it was a collision issue.

    Anyway glad you solved your issue on your own, and this way, through your own investigation, you learned a lot more than if someone had solved it for you.

  • @JohnFromGWN yeah ur right sry but i was bit upset after the gta5 mess. So all is cool apology

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