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help | some files not shows

  • when im try to install any shoes like nike ill need to reflace feet_021_u_ydd or any feet_2x
    but in folder im only seen feet_1 untill feet_19 some files are missing im try to reinstall the game but nothing happend any help thank you guys.! https://ibb.co/Q68H1v0


    From your image, although the path is blacked out, it looks like you're working from the games folder. You should always work from the Mods folder. You now need to do a verify integrity. If necessary delete the player_one folder to ensure it is replaced. I don't understand why a reinstall didn't work but as I suggested delete that folder and do a verify integrity - and work from Mods going forward to avoid issues like this.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in help | some files not shows:

    verify integrity
    hey john thank you about the answer. i'm doing what you say and nothing happen ill try to verify the files in epic store after the verifyng nothing change i'm reinstall the game and launch openiv with a mod folder and still nothing change any help please.

  • @THE-FOOL i don't have my computer right now so I'll check later but are you sure the files dont stop at 19 and 21 would be an additional slot?

    Also remember when you do a verify integrity to copy the files back to your mods folder. The verify integrity will only replace game folder files, nothing from mods folder will be changed.

  • @JohnFromGWN yes i know is just show 0-19 al 2x missing 33-41 shows this is so wierd im send a message to epic games support idk what to do.

  • @THE-FOOL Ok, I just checked and there are only 19. You are trying to replace something that isn't there. Just add it and test it. Have you tried testing it?

    And what do you mean by feet_2x? There aren't any files with that name in this folder. Unless you mean 002_U? that's the only file you should have.

    Can you give the link to the mod?

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