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New 3d model for a Australian sports car just released

  • "HSV GTS R W1 Sedan 2022 3D Model" is now available on renderhub, and I'd like to see someone make a mod for it on GTAV. Took years just to wait and see when someone would make a 3D model, and it's finally here for enthusiasts like myself.

  • Is there free model for it, I Can make it

  • @kingfire no free model. I'm not sure if links are allowed on here. Just Google the name in quotations to see it. It's $129 and I can buy it for you if you and send you the files if you can make it for me and other enthusiasts.

    If you are up for it give me tonight to buy it and send you those files through my PC, not home until then

  • @xUnder_ give me your discord for details

  • @xUnder_ I am able to make the model into GTA V for you. I own one in real life and would love to release it free for everyone.
    What is your discord I will message you more information.

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