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Basic Scripts for Flying, Super Jump, Super Punches and etc?

  • Hello all, I am looking for some basic scripts by which I can able to see how things work in the script if we want to create a Super Jump, Super Punch, make character Fly, make beam attacks at least and if more is there or someone wants to share other things as well then that would be helpful too.
    Actually, I am creating a mod and successfully run the things like Wanted level change, adding particles to an entity but as I am new that would be helpful if someone share the basic version of scripts that can do Super Jump, Super Punch, make character Fly, make beam attacks and other things to make a super hero mod.

    Thank you.

  • @krigeta

    SET_RUN_SPRINT_MULTIPLIER_FOR_PLAYER(Player player, float multiplier)

    SET_SUPER_JUMP_THIS_FRAME(Player player)

  • @JohnFromGWN Hey, thanks for the Follow-up, I will let you know how is it working by the weekend and for future reference can I DM you to ask such questions?

  • @krigeta You should post here if you're progressing so you can share with the community. That's how we all learn. I don't write script mods for upload, but I'll try to help whenever I can. Hopefully others more knowledgeable will join in as well.

  • yo I will

  • @JohnFromGWN Hey, What about the flying script? I am struggling to think about that, any guidance for that?

  • @krigeta try downloading the menyoo source code. It has the functions

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