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Cars Despawn Once interacted with

  • I'm having a strange issue with my GTA V, it is modded (too many mods to count) I've removed scripts and still have the issue

    IF i say, kill a ped in a car, shoot a car or interact with it (even my own car) and i look in another direction, by the time i look back around the cars disappears,

    I once could have major car pile ups when going crazy in gta, like blowing cars up and get major traffic jams

    Now the most cars that stay are about 8 and if i look away even those eventually despawn,

    I've noticed that bullet holes in cars despawn way fast too
    If i walk away from my car and look away it also despawns, even after leaving building interiors so you know that this is not normal

    could this be some kind of memory issue or a settings that needs to be adjusted,
    Ive messed around with NVE and gameconfig but no luck

    my traffic is limited

    Please need major help

  • @jerome74 This is a persistence issue and it varies on how you spawn your cars - with a trainer, an addon, or through a script. If you spawn yourself through a simple c# script AFAIK the cars will persist - at least mine do. So look for persistence mods and hopefully that'll fix your issue.

  • @JohnFromGWN thanks for the reply,
    its not just my addon cars its also the entire ped traffic
    the cars i drive still despawn easily but the A.I cars despawn way easier, gonna try to upload a video

  • @jerome74 Other factors include spawning too many cars and also losing the focus. To save memory resources if you move away or even look the other way assets like peds or cars can indeed disappear - the game engine doesn't want to draw or redraw stuff that's hidden.

    Are the game cars from R* DLC or from the core game cars, that can make a difference as well. What trainer are you using to spawn?

  • @JohnFromGWN vanilla cars are in traffic but i use simple trainer

  • its not necessarily the addon cars because i even removed my mods folder with all the addon cars

  • @jerome74 Did you change the values in your gameconfig.xml or using the defaults?

  • the mods folder only has the cars though,

    graphical mods are installed straight to the games core

    i used different types of game configs to test

  • im wondering if its the pc that has issues, or some other settings that im not seeing

  • @jerome74 Ok, but keep in mind there are 3 types of cars in SP : the original game cars, the MP/online dlc game cars from updates like LS Tuners, and finally the cars you addon (or replace) as mods from this site. The behaviours will not be the same. It's not your PC unless you have too much stuff in memory and/or you visual settings are cranked to the max. Honestly I'm not sure what the cause or fix are as I use my own scripts to spawn without any issues and often I have the traffic turned off.

  • @JohnFromGWN hmmm now that you mention it, im gonna used a stock popcycle and see if that helps

  • i think i did change this before but i don't remember so im gonna reconfirm

  • @jerome74 ok good luck and let us know. I just did a quick google search and this is quite a common problem - which is why, I guess, lots of people use persistence mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN yes it is common but mine is unique for two reason

    1. this didnt happen before
    2. it happens mostly with the vanilla cars

  • @JohnFromGWN no joy (FOR EVERYONE WONDERING WHAT THIS MEANS, I WAS unsuccessful with reverting the popcycle and popgroups)

  • @jerome74 if it didn't happen before, and we both agree things don't change magically, it's because you made some changes, possibly adding a new script or changing or tweaking your gameconfig and heap adjuster ini file if you have one (my heap doesn’t).

    So think, what did you last add or modify, step backwards.

  • the scripts are out, the car addons are out, the gameconfig is out

    the heapadjuster now,
    i've increased this alot, do you think this may have a negative effect?

  • @JohnFromGWN forgot to hit reply

  • @jerome74 Don't know for sure. I think the default is about 700? Reset it and see if it helps.

  • i found 2 heapadjuster.asi files in the root folder :face_palm_tone5: not sure if this is the issue yet tho, i removed some other folders and the game seems a bit more stable

  • @jerome74 You should only have one. No idea if that's the issue, but definitely you should have one, not two. The one that starts with heap goes with the heap.ini file.

  • Use the heapadjuster.asi by dilapidated that is configurable, go into the .ini file and change the default value of 750 to 2000. Doing this will allocate more RAM to the game.

  • @ZED_ @jerome74
    I suggest you not play with too many variables. The more tweaks you make, the more difficult it will be to find a solution. Start with default settings for gameconfig and your heap adjuster. If your settings were too low the game would likely crash, not just have cars despawning.

  • @JohnFromGWN believe it or not, i found my problem..

    Drum roll please,

    My save game file was corrupted

    Made one more save in franklins house and after relaunching the game it just kept on crashing after a few seconds.

    I got fed up and deleted my save game and redownloaded a fresh one, voila, back to normal

  • @jerome74 i first found out it was fixed when i saw a 20 car pile up at a traffic light, first in a long while now

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