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GTA V mods installtion question?

  • I have GTA v on my PC. But i want to add realistic graphics also with realism physics like people behavior and all other things i saw many videos but isn't there any way to install mod and uninstall like automatic. like any software or something? because whenever i try to do it i cant its hard to do in manually. thanks. https://19216801.onl/

  • Unless the author of the modifications you have decided to install created a .OIV uninstaller then no, unfortunately you will need to uninstall manually.

    You can find which files a .OIV installs by changing the .OIV file extension to .ZIP, open it with 7zip / WinRAR and open the assembly.xml file with a text editor such as Notepad / Notepad++.

    You should now see all the paths the files are being placed into via the .OIV installer, now open OpenIV go inside the mods folder and delete the respective files accordingly.

    Of course this can be a very time-consuming job if the installer contains many lines and therefore it may be easier just to wipe the mods folder and start again.

  • @liziegarb @ZED_
    It's very easy to uninstall automatically. Recommend using free 7-zip.

    You won't need to rename .OIV to .zip and you won't need to extract. Just follow this incredibly simple tutorial by @a63nt-5m1th.


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