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(Map) GTA: San Andreas Map replacement for FiveM

  • Hi, i'm looking for a copy of the GTA: San Andreas map for replacing the base game map in FiveM
    Anybody know where OR how i can get a copy?
    It dosen't have to have all the original house models but it Does have to be solid, i could try to Edit the rest in CodeWalker if required & i plan to use it for a FiveM server, as stated above.

    Any helpful reply would be great
    Thanks for reading

  • @Crazy-Al This map was ported to GTA5. Can you use that one or do you absolutely need the original?

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I could, but i need the Original SA map (which includes LS/SF/LV),
    The ones i found here are just San Fierro & Las Venturas.
    There was a version of it here on gta5 mods before, but i can't find it here anymore.
    When i found it on another site, it turns out it ain't FiveM compatible.

    But if you do have it here on the site, could you link it in here?
    Would appreciate it, and thanks for replying

  • @Crazy-Al SA and LC Maps were removed here, DMCA, so you'll have better luck on the FiveM forums.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Ahh yeah, dmca's and all that
    thanks for the help

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