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trying to find a file to remove

  • hi i have a couple of cars i am looking to remove from my list and the spawn names are not the same as the folder name and i can't remember which patreon i got them from and i was wondering if there is a tool that would help me track them down.

  • @Xmodz how many of these cars did you buy? Hundreds?

    If they came with instructions as text files, and assuming you kept your downloads, simply do a text search for the spawn name. Since windows search sucks download a free and safe search utility like agent ransack.

    Again if you know the spawn name you can search with OpenIV because the spawn name will show up in vehicles.rpf for example, which will be in the same folder name as your dlclist.xml.

    Pretty simple no?

    The Patreon Mod Remover Tool is still under development.

  • i bought a fair amount and i have managed to find the cars i was looking for both had different spawn names to there folder names

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