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[VEHICLE][WIP] /8 Mercedes-Benz W114/W115 (1968 - 1976)

  • The Mercedes-Benz W114 and W115 are front-engine, rear-drive, five-passenger sedans and coupés introduced in 1968 and manufactured until model year 1976. Mercedes also used a '/8' on the W114/115 ID plates, indicating their 1968 launch year.
    W114 models featured six-cylinder petrol engines and W115 models featured four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

    I have two models I can work with. One, with a small number of polygons (12528) is from the game "Lowrider Extreme", and the other with 678,700 polygons was given to me by IKSR (thanks amigo)

    There is no doubt that both models represent a version after facelifting from 1973. The first thing that indicates that are the taillights.
    ... the 3d models I have don't have an engine, so it's up to me to choose the right type of vehicle ... when I get to that part

  • Sweeeet. 678k polies is quite an overkill tho. Will you be able to reduce it for L0 somehow ? Then again, L0 is only visible from real close or when the player itself drives it.

  • @Frostelis And it also needs additional polygons for patching holes and making missing parts ...an engine should be added. I will reduce the polygons; I believe that in the end the highest lod will have somewhere between 200 - 300 k.

  • Nice. Good luck

  • The headlights, front fog lights, and front turn signals are behind the same glass.
    I am still looking for optimal transparency and brightness of the glass (Everything looks different depending on the weather and time of day).


    The rear lights are more or less complete.

  • For clear glass usually something around 60-70% and colored glass 95%.

  • @GreenAid I think it’s good if the top is a little more transparent so the blinker can be seen in daylight.

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