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[VEHICLE][WIP] /8 Mercedes-Benz W114/W115 (1968 - 1976)

  • Released - "W115 220D" - 04.I.2022.

  • Pozdrav drug, da li bi ti se dalo praviti Zastavu 750 (modernija verzija 70ih), pa da stavis Floydov livery, a moze i od njega milicijski auto. Bilo bi prejako i to da napravis, svidjelo bi se ljudima, pogotovo domacim. Vec imas onaj Fiat 600, pa bi mogao njega samo da preradis?

  • One year after:

    Not W115 but W114
    Not 4 but 6 cylinders
    Not Diesel but Petrol
    Not after but before the facelift
    and it's not a sedan but a coupe...

  • Awesome car, after you've done this car @Najpotez would you mind to make benz w116 and 300 sel?:pray: :slight_smile: here are the links
    https://www.gtaall.com/gta-4/cars/123362-mercedes-benz-w116.html and https://gamemodels.ru/files/file/878-1972-mercedes-benz-300-sel-63-w109/

  • This post is deleted!

  • @NajPotez lol that video funny as hell next time use a flatbed lol

  • Video shows progress with engine bay, trunk bay, interior and convertible tuning option...

  • Hahah! I love your videos. Looks epic

  • i love your videos very much @NajPotez

  • First time I hear Paint It Black in German.

  • seems there is no w114 4 door 3d model in internet :thinking: it's just only coupe

    maybe 3dsmax can do it or blender @NajPotez

  • @m1525125 W114 or W115 are the same. Only diference are the engines. I have made 4 doors sedan as w115 200 d(iesel).

  • Never knew a German version of Paint It Black would sound damn well lol
    Car looks really great, keep it up!

  • @-EcLiPsE- Everything sounds dope in German lol.

  • You ain't wrong lol

  • @JohnFromGWN @gtavjamal @-EcLiPsE

    "Rot und Schwarz" (Red and Black)
    This is actually a version of the version by "

    " First "original" German version is from 1969 (same as the car I make) by Karel Gott, but this newer version sounds better to me.

  • @NajPotez
    Thanks for sharing. The Stones version is about a dark depression, the German version starts upbeat and then transitions to melancholy and ends happily.

  • @gtavjamal Paint it Black would sound great in any language.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yes. I searched for the German version just because it is German car I am working on. And song is great, and about same age as the car.

  • @NajPotez Btw you got great taste in these old school cars. Thanks for sharing!

    @JohnFromGWN Yeah great song not bad in Spanish but respectfully disagree about it sounding great in all languages. Many sound trash and especially certain accents. German and Russian sound next level dope imho.

  • About roof conversion...

    No factory built W114 coupe-convertibles. As you can find many diferent pictures of it, seems that some after market companies did conversions however.
    So I did the same. Car spawns as hardtop coupe, but you can convert it to cabrio in "Los Santos Customs" (or using the trainer).

    The roof, rear windows, and rear windshield are parts of "EXTRA_2" which always spawns, but with "FLAG_EXTRAS_CONVERTIBLE" in "vehicles.meta". This way, the conversion turns off all the windows and the rear windshield.
    Without tuning (with roof) windows and rear windscreen are breakable with with the correct collision IDs.


    Vehicles.meta also needs some lines:


    (Don't just remove EXTRA_2 with trainer, because the open soft top will not appear).
    I could make an open soft roof like EXTRA_1, the way "Manana" works (and like what I did with the Opel Rekord), but then the car would spawn as a convertible without a hard top, random... and I didn't want that.
    The only potential bug (if it's a bug) I found about the front windows. If they haven't already been destroyed, they will appear on the convertible if you shoot in their direction. However, they will break completely if you keep shooting at them. It's actually not that bad at all.
    After I finish this version of the car, I will try to make a special convertible version with an automatic soft top, but for that I will have to learn a little more about the animation of the rigid roof...

  • Released - "W114 250C" - 15.XI.2022.

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