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[HELP] Modify addon vehicle to fly like Deluxo

  • I already tried to add this code to handling.meta file

    <Item type="CSpecialFlightHandlingData">
              <mode value="1"/>
              <fLiftCoefficient value="50.0" />
              <fMinLiftVelocity value="0.0" />
              <fDragCoefficient value="0.0" />
              <fMaxPitchTorque value="500.0" />
              <fMaxSteeringRollTorque value="50.0" />
              <fMaxThrust value="20.0" />
              <fYawTorqueScale value="-4.0f"/>
              <fRollTorqueScale value="7.5f"/>
              <fTransitionDuration value="1.0" />
              <fPitchTorqueScale value="8.0"/>
              <vecAngularDamping x="3.000000" y="2.00000" z="1.20000" />
              <vecLinearDamping x="0.900000" y="0.100000" z="0.70000" />

    And Changed




    After I trying to hold 'H' to fly my game crashed.
    alt text

    Does anyone know how to make flying vehicle like Deluxo one
    btw sorry for bad english

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