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Can I record footage in GTA online, then log out and load a modded version of the game and use graphics mods in Rockstar Editor?

  • I was thinking of recording footage in GTA online for a car meet and then switching my game back to a modded version by moving the dinput8.dll file around. Will the footage I recorded in the unmodded game still show up in the modded game? I want to use NVE to make it look better.

  • @pandoracube It should, but it will mix the vanilla graphics with NVE, which might make it look bad.

  • @pandoracube You should be able too. I have never tried recording online and then editing but I have recorded offline without mods and reloaded my mods folder to edit and it worked. I would assume same would work for you. NVE I cannot confirm but I don't see why it wouldn't either.
    You can also try this https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/extended-video-export if you use an editing software out side of Rockstar. I enable my ENB and Reshade presets before export and it works/looks great. I have not tested NVE but worth a try.

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