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F2 , F3 will spawn a different ped

  • HI i run into a problem. Latest scripthook , nativeui, lemon ui. installed. So i start with my character when i hit F1 another character spawns and my original character stands beside me. I control now the newly spawned ped , If i hit F2 a second ped spawn and now the original two character stand beside me and i control the newly spawned character.
    How can i revert back to the original charcater?
    What mod is causing this, i have menyoo, rampage and simple trainer installed. THX 4 hlp

  • @nieda113 F1 and F2 are R* editor related. They have nothing to do with nativeui, lemonui, scripthook, menyoo, or simple trainer. Are you saying these are the only mods you installed, no other scripts? I think you're missing something. Check ini files to see if F1 and F2 were assigned by you to these keys in some other mods scripts.

    I have a hard time imagining even the dumbest mod creator assigning those two keys as defaults for their mod creation - they shouldn't be reassigned except by a user and then why would they want to.

    If you're serious about having only the mods you mention installed, do a verify integrity or complete reinstall because your game is likely possessed by a demon.

  • Likely a script doing this. You can double-check this by disabling all of your scripts by renaming dinput8.dll to something else like dinput8.dll.disabled

  • @Jitnaught If he/she disables dinput8.dll the trainers won't load - so no spawns. Better to rename the scripts folder and rename all asi files in the root except for OpenIV and at least one trainer. Also, in the post he talks about F1 and F2, but the subject line mentions F3 which is Simple Trainer by default - so possibility bindings were changed to spawn something. Whole thing doesn't make any sense.

  • @JohnFromGWN indeed i have e.g. jesus christ mod installed , its using F2 and F3 can i unassign these keys for rockstar editor? THX4rpl.

    He has some demoms too,.....

  • @nieda113 Not sure. Check the files from the mod first or contact God to see if you can change the mod keys. If she says no, then look at the key bindings in GTA5 and see if you can change the Editor keys.

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