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Remove enemy blips

  • Seems like there isn't any mod that removes the enemy blips. Or is there any? This would add so much to realism and make the gunfights much more intense! Somebody, please let me know if there's any mod that does that.

  • @Greenlandium
    I've asked same thing around month ago with 0 reply..
    Since I have no skills in coding I've tried searching for enemy blip graphics and then maybe deleting or replacing them with invisible ones... Well, no luck so far.

  • @loginos I got an alternative solution for this. Use 'Enhanced Native Trainer'. It has an option to shut down the radar/GPS and first show it when you pick up the phone or while you're in a car. We have GPS in our phones and in cars irl. So it make sense and it is immersive. That way you will never know your enemy's location until you look at your phone or you're in a car. If you're interested to try it out; open up the Enhanced Native Trainer's menu by pressing 'F4', then go to 'Miscellaneous' > 'HUD Settings Options', then enable both 'Show HUD If Phone In Hand Only' and 'Show HUD In Vehicle Only'.

  • @Greenlandium
    Aaaand that's precisely what I'm doing.
    But I turn off vehicle HUD and I'm forced to use phone... because I have pull over mod and driving with phone out is traffic violation and it adds another layer of choice, things to look out for.
    I've also played with minimap zoom level in openiv. I've set it to see 1/3rd of the whole map so yes I can still see if there are some enemies left but due to big zoom-out not their exact pinpoint position.
    But having no info about enemies still would be better.

  • @loginos I mean, you can always turn the 'Show HUD In Vehicle Only' option on whenever you want to. Or you can also set the option 'Using A Mobile Phone' to 'false' in 'PullMeOver.ini' so that way the cops won't pull you over even if you are using the phone in a vehicle. (And, yes, I have the 'Pull Me Over' mod installed to my game also). Seems like it would be a little inconvenient to have the phone up constantly, while you're driving and while the 'Using A Mobile Phone' is enabled as a traffic violation.

  • @Greenlandium
    Yea, I was also trying that option too but it was kinda "too easy" for me. I like to setup as much as possible inconveniences(and then forget them and be surprised when they happen) and finding solutions how to get out of them is what is fun for me...
    It turns out more into modern urban day to day survival game. Getting just from house to store to buy food could have some random situation that can snowball into me being starving, tripping over, chased by a police thru hostile gang territory and finding myself wounded on a freight train out of the city with the bounty on my head...
    More interesting/personal story than the game's default ones.

  • @loginos I mean, it's your game, you do you. For me, as long as the game is realistic enough, then I'm good. : ]

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