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Issue Running Simple Native Trainer (Non-Pirated Copy, Steam)

  • Hello and thanks for taking the time to check this out.

    My main issue here is that I cannot get Simple Native Trainer to launch with F3 (default per readme).
    I am running updated versions of all mods and scripts, and my version of GTA is through Steam and installed on an external SSD.

    I am new to the PC end of GTA - I've been playing on console since III but that hardly matters here! I've got limited experience with modding. With games like MSFS, which are very mod-friendly, I've had no trouble getting things working. I've successfully modded the heck out of RDR2, and had no issues getting trainer menus to open, no issues with Script Hook or anything of that sort. Very clean and easy work all the way through. I've noticed that GTA V seems to be a different beast, with so much of the game being hashed over and requiring external tools to actually tinker with anything.

    I installed OpenIV and followed a couple of tutorials to get started. I think I have my head around the concept, and I've got a few mods working on GTA, specifically VanillaWorks Extended Pack is working 100%, which is what's confusing me. I believe that ScriptHookV (as well as its NET counterpart) must be correctly installed and functioning for these cars and liveries to spawn. All of the advice I've found on the web thus far has pointed towards an improper setup with ScriptHook as the culprit for trainer menus not launching, but I installed everything that OpenIV recommended, and I've double checked the install locations for everything.

    I only run one copy of GTA V, as I have no desire to play online on PC, with my main account being on Xbox. I have created and utilized a "mods" and "scripts" folder as directed by a couple of guides, and I don't believe I've put anything in the wrong place, but this problem persists and it's gotta be something I missed.

    Below I'm attaching a link to screenshots of my GTA V root folder within SteamLibrary, and the directory within OpenIV. I am also attaching PasteBin links to the .log files for asiloader, heapadjuster, and openCameraV - the last two seem to be working completely fine, if that matters. The log file for OpenIV is through ControlC because PasteBin has a 512KB limit.

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated! I've been looking forward to modding this game for quite some time, and even though it's probably a simple fix it definitely matters. Thanks!

  • Screenshots - https:// postimg .cc /gallery/ wpTvvmp
    asiloader.log - https:// pastebin .com /gfZzcpCZ
    heapadjuster.log - https:// pastebin .com /mHWBYk01
    openCameraV.log - https:// pastebin .com /Ra167JUg
    OpenIV.log - https:// controlc .com /8d4760d7

  • @Quansquatch Wow. This is the second post in as many days where ScriptHookV.dll is not installed. It's not a suggestion, it's mandatory.
    For your links, remove all the extra spaces or they won't work.

    The link below might come in useful as you start to mod.

    One final piece of friendly advice, modding is not a competition to see how many mods you can install in one shot. On the contrary, start by getting your trainer to work and the game to run stably. Then you can add plugins, and asi mods, and scripts, etc.

    Your root folder. You have dotnets and dinput8.dll but a not a trace of the most important file.

    alt text

  • @Quansquatch said in Issue Running Simple Native Trainer (Non-Pirated Copy, Steam):

    I installed everything that OpenIV recommended

    OpenIV doesn't install Script Hook V. You'll have to do that manually.

  • @Jitnaught which explains why dinput8.dll was installed without installing SH5. Im not suprised anymore about these basic installation issues because there are so many bad how to tutorials out there. Anyway I'll take a screenshot of the root folder over a log file.

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