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Spawning superpowered/supersoldier peds

  • Hi all,

    I have almost no modding experience, but want to set up a scenario involving a superpowersoldier ped with special abilities.

    I noticed JulioNIB has a mod that allows the player to play with a nanosuit from Crysis (linked

    ) - something like that would be perfect, exactly what I'm looking for, but rather than the player being the superpowered one, I'd like to spawn in a ped which can jump higher than others, punch harder, run faster, rechargeable shields, etc. It doesn't have to have all these features but as many as possible would be ideal. And most importantly, the ped must be commandable - I have a bodyguard mod and I'd love to be able to give it orders and tell it "go over there, attack this person, follow me, etc."

    Does anyone have an idea how something like this might be possible?

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