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Looking for collaboration for: GTA V JS (Scripting with repository)

  • Hello!
    I'm a .NET and PHP developer and a consumed player of GTA V.
    I would like to use scripthookvdotnet for a particular purpose: creating a library that requires installation just one time and then allows you the execution of Javascript (using Jint engine, but we can support in the future more types of scripting languages at the same time) scripts without restarting necessary the game.

    I need:

    • Experts in GTA modding and functions hooking for achieve the better structure for the easiest usage
    • Some PHP/Web developer that help me to make fastly the website where to upload script

    I would use LemonUI for creating the interface for executing and download script in runtime. The repository could be used also for creating complex projects with nested scripts and external (but always internal in the repository) dependencies.

    Other features could be:
    The support of downloading in runtime of game assets like textures, mesh or objects like weapons etc.

    Yes, I wouldn't point to performance but to dynamism.

    I'll work in this project: https://github.com/cekkr/gtav-js (for the moment it's just a structure concept)
    I'll buy personally domain and hosting, but I prefer to discuss first about the name of the project with you.

    Thank you!

  • @rikicecchi Hi. What exactly will you do with the javascript that you can't do presently? And this is multi-player? Can you give an example?

    Im not a programmer, just curious also how you could do anything differently at runtime given most assets are in encrypted packages.

  • I'm expert in .NET programming, so I know to access dynamically to class, objects and methods in runtime. Pratically I could execute dynamically scripts that before needed compiling. You can't use encrypted assets in JS like in C++, so this is another speech. For this reason I need someone expert who can explain how to make some things easily.

  • @rikicecchi Have no idea what you're doing but you will probably have better luck on a MP forum like FiveM. Anyway, good luck with your project.

  • The fact that I don't want base my project on FiveMP but on ScriptHook. Do you think that it could be not considered off topic this project?

  • If all you're wanting to do is have scripts you can download on the fly, making a JS script hook is entirely unneccesary. You can just use .NET scripts just by downloading them into the scripts folder and reloading scripts (probably through Reflection). Is there some other reason you're wanting to use JS?

    Being able to download in-game assets on-the-fly is a beast of a problem. I personally wouldn't attempt it.

  • @Jitnaught Principally I would create it for allowing the creations of missions and debugging it directly in the game. JS is the mean but generically we could talking about generic scripting system

  • Yeah I don't really see the point. You can create and debug .NET scripts in Visual Studio while the game is running. Just reload scripts when you've changed the file.

  • @Jitnaught and it's great that you are not ashamed of it

  • @Jitnaught you see, it doesn't care. Dynamic scripting with repo has obviously some advantages rather than (pseudo) compilation (con the performance disadvantage), because allows the aperture and sharing of scripts between content creators, as well as dynamic code imports. But if it doesn't care to content creators, doesn't care also to me. It's just a missed opportunity.

  • @rikicecchi Very talented programmers have been writing GTA 4/5 asi mods and scripts for over a decade with c++, C# .net, vb.net, lua, etc, so it's not a stretch to think they've covered all the bases, well most of them.

    When an expert programmer and modder like @Jitnaught writes that what you want to do already exists, listen rather than say the community is missing an opportunity.

    Im not a programmer but your proposal sounded more like the expression "a solution looking for a problem".

    If you want to make a contribution to this community, and it sounds as if you're sincere, ask members what they want. Whether it's a better camera script, an animation manager, speech mods, or optimization mods, there are still many opportunities to explore and needs to fill.

    Im learning to program for that exact reason, because nothing out there meets my particular needs and desires. So, join a discord server and post here to assess how you can help the community rather than assume you are giving us a killer app we don't want.

  • @JohnFromGWN I agree it is a "solution looking for a problem," but I disagree that he should look for problems the community wants fixed. He should do what he wants to do. This is a hobby, not a job (for most of us anyway). If he wants a JS script hook then he should make it, just don't expect many people to help.

    Example: some dude made a Pascal script hook. Who was asking for this? Probably just him. But he made it because he wanted to, and shared it with the community for others who may be interested.

  • The scripting language could be also a Brainfuck lang. The point is the framework.
    Talented programmers often doesn't care of a powerful ecosystem because they didn't see apparently the problem, given that they are talented by definition. There are people so talented that they could develop an operative system alone in assembly. But this is essentially a their problem.
    Finally, I don't pretend your help, I just ask to this stupid world to not act like an asshole when it is evident that it doesn't understand the point of an idea or project.

  • @rikicecchi this seems really helpfull, consider we have so many JS developers around the world, that can help with some mods without the GTA V knowledge at the first time. I have some projetct idea that cant fit more well with JS solution. I know some time has been pass since you came here in the past but please let me know if I can work with you on this.

  • @brittz
    It seems @rikicecchi is AFK, seems he was last online 2 years ago. Could be just a lunch break or bathroom break.

  • @JohnFromGWN the message was not only for him. I hope someone in the short future can work on this. It's a shame that in the past people preferred to criticize the idea instead of putting the guy in the right direction of what he asked for or at least giving it some light. Maybe that way I could now be one step closer to the solution.

  • @brittz said in Looking for collaboration for: GTA V JS (Scripting with repository):

    Maybe that way I could now be one step closer to the solution.

    How many AAA games use JS? None.
    RAGE engine? Nope?
    Websites? Absolutely. In fact that's where all those JS developers are. Game development and website development require different skillsets. Companies have been developing games for decades but only web based or mobile would ever use Javascript. Even procedural platforms like Houdini or UE5 have their own scripting languages and internally AAA companies use python.

    But seriously, please explain why JS would be more appropriate than C++, lua, or the dot nets? Enumerate the advantages of JS over what is currently used and what important gaps exist. The brilliant programmers who created the tools we have today, both on SP and FiveM never considered JS? Surely there must be a reason for that?

    Anyway you're free to create the plugin and upload it here.
    Even better would be a node based workflow like Houdini or visual scripting like Unity.
    Or blueprints in Unreal.

    That would be cool.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN I refuse to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a tool that a mod author wants to use. I believe that the purpose of the topic should be exclusively on how to implement such a solution rather than whether or not to implement it. If you want to discuss it, feel free to create a specific thread on the topic and tag me and I will answer all your questions. I believe that every topic should be useful not only for us now but for others in the future, and talking about it will not help other people to get the right path.

  • @brittz Actually I was going to suggest you create a new thread given this one is quite dead.

    Just to close, unless you write the tool yourself I don't think you'll have much luck. The talented programmers have moved on since 2015.

    You might have better luck getting support on a JS forum.

    Either way good luck.

  • @JohnFromGWN I'm working on that for sure. I'm in the search phase of the project.
    I already found some mods made for Fivem with JS, most of them is a paid release.
    Hey man, don't get me wrong, I do not need help with JS. I need help to understand how to integrate the GTA API using NativeUI, ScriptHook, or wathever, to call and implement the mod with JS code, so I think JS Forums will not help us with that. I think I can handle that inside my mod, but the original idea of @rikicecchi go further because that can be use as support for other mods.
    Thank you for your answers.

  • @brittz
    Yes, FiveM supports JS as well so that's another possibility for you to get help with.

    Keep in mind also that unless you create a killer app in JS you won't have much of an audience. There are other hooks besides SH5 but none come anywhere close to that popularity. Same applies for SHVDN. Even FiveM users can install SH5. You do have RPH but that's another crowd. As for lua, will never have the popularity of FiveM in SP. This is really a dot net community with the exception of old c++.

    Of course if your creating your hook for personal reasons, than that's not relevant.

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