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How to mount first person camera to another position inside vehicle?

  • Like the title, i really want to know how to mount the first person camera view to another location inside the vehicle, like this video:

    Anyone know is there a mod or something to make it possible? I want to make asmr pov drive videos. Thanks in advance.

  • I'm not aware of any scripts that allow attaching a camera to a specific point on an entity (vehicle). As long as it is a rigid connection like in the video it should be pretty easy to make a script that does what you want. It gets more complicated once you add camera rotation/movement.

  • @devboilol like @Jitnaught wrote attach the camera to a vehicle bone and bind it to a key or menu option. Create a camera gameplay reset as well. You could also attach the camera to a companion ped and even make them invisible sitting in the car although that shouldn't be an issue. You can even freeze the ped. You can google vehicle bone ids and bone indices, you will need both. You'll also need to orient the camera so it is not pointing directly at the player.

    From your video, the POV might best be with a ped forced to sit in back.

  • So there's no mods for that? I'm looking for one also just like this guy

  • @trannguyen69 probably not. I tried quite a few before giving up and doing it myself. Use the search engine on the mods section and you will find plenty of free candidates to install. Hopefully one will come close to what you want to do.

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