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No update anymore for the DVD version (not Steam)?

  • No update anymore for the DVD version (not Steam)?
    Hi there,
    is it possible to have no more updates with a GTA5 (DVD version) that has been bought and registered for a long time?
    I only play offline and have installed a lot of mods that finally all work again. That’s definitely all over again with the next update :-(
    My question is, is there any way to play offline without new updates? Possibly an .exe or setting or a program? Please help me, I am grateful for tips and solutions!
    I backed up all game data to be on the safe side, but don't know how to get my game running again if another stupid update comes up. I'm really desperate and don't know the solution anymore. Please help !! Lg Geo

  • @geooo
    You already asked this and ignored the advice given to you?

    Here we go again. Does the dvd version auto update or can you block it with your firewall?

    Regardless of the dvd process you can continue to play your existing game forever as long as you can keep restoring from backup or worst case scenario disconnect from the internet temporarily in one of at least three ways. Physically unplug ethernet cable, disable wifi and disable ethernet net adapter temporarily if using ethernet from windows networking center, or use an app such as some firewalls which allow you to shut it off temporarily.

    With Steam, process is simple and foolproof. Backup your files, allow the forced update, restore your files, end of problem.

    With EPGS apparently you use a launcher bypass mod.

    With retail Dvd, no idea how the update works but should be easy to figure out.

    In your case you dont even really need to backup because all your backup is permanently on the dvd. But all you need is GTA5.exe. since you're not interested in new dlc you don't need to backup scripthook or anything else. Your system will be frozen in time if you want. Remember, an update will not overwrite any mod or personal files.

    So whether you want updates or not your game will keep on truckin forever...

  • Hi @JohnFromGWN
    thanks for the quick answers!

    Unfortunately, it is not that easy, because if I am offline or go offline while playing, the game no longer starts even though I have registered the game on my computer.
    Offline mode doesn't start anymore since the game lounger ... hm
    I've installed a lot of mods and just want to keep playing it. With updates, single mods often no longer work :-(, that's why I don't want any more updates.
    By the way:
    I had read the other post and thought that I had replied, I'll do that now.
    If you have another tip or an idea, I am grateful.
    Sorry my english is not that good.
    Lg Geo

  • @geooo i use the Steam version and i can play offline if i wanted to and i will get the message from the social crap club but still be able to play.

    I don't see why you can't play offline with other versions. Google how to play GTA5 offline and you will surely find a solution.

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