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[HELP] Lunchxble's Tommy Vercetti Mod Installation.

  • I'm trying to install Lunchxble's HD Tommy Vercetti mod, and after following the directions completely nothing's changed.

  • @LilBuff08 Is this an addon mod or are you replacing a main character?
    Unless other people are commenting the same issue, you didn't install or spawn properly.

  • I'm attempting to replace Michael.

  • @LilBuff08 Let me download it and see.

  • @LilBuff08 Ok.

    1. This mod is from 2016 when the environment was quite different and mod folders were an afterthought. If you look at the most recent comments you will see issues being reported.

    2. If you followed the instructions, congratulations, you've just replaced your 2021 gameconfig.xml file with one from 2016.

    3. Again, if you followed the instructions and installed the mods' dlclist.xml you effectively wiped out the item listings for every single addon mod you've installed. Hopefully you have a backup of this file.

    4. The instructions are total crap and so is the process for this mod - essentially author is saying "I don't care about your other mods, only mine is important." The instructions say you can install in your games folder if you want - terrible advice.

    If you overwrote your gameconfig you will need to reinstall. If you overwrote your dlclist you will need to restore from backup or redo from scratch.

    Now to install, although the comments seem to be negative.

    1. Place the TV folder with the rest of your dlcpacks (mods/update/x64/dlcpacks)
    2. Edit dlclist.xml, hopefully you didn't overwrite yours, and add this <Item>dlcpacks:\tv\</Item>
    3. Cross your fingers and start game selecting Michael
      DO NOT use the gameconfig.xml or dlclist.xml that are packaged with mod.

    If for whatever reasons this 2016 mod no longer works just delete the tv folder and remove the line from your dlclist.xml to restore michael.
    If you took the creator's suggestion that you had the option to install in the game folder folder and you (mistakenly) did, you will need to do a verify integrity to restore your files.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for the help.

    I think if i did overwrite my dlclist.xml i can just start again as i used a mod folder.

    Just wondering, is the gameconfig.xml essential? or does it do absolutely nothing.

  • @LilBuff08 Unfortunately not necessarily for dlclist.xml.

    You are not fine if you had dlclist.xml in your mods folder if you overwrote that file with the TV one. You would have to restart.

    If you put the TV one in your games folder, and didn't touch the one in your mods folder, than yes you are ok. Don't worry too much about an issue here because a verify integrity will fix the game folder one (but not the mods folder one).

    The important dlclist.xml to keep intact is the one in your mods folder.

    The gameconfig.xml is not essential but it should be because even one vehicle addon mod for example can crash your game. The more mods you add, particularly high polygon ones, the more your game will be likely to crash. So install the latest gameconfig.xml as per its instructions along with heap and packfile adjuster mods.

  • @JohnFromGWN i've tried the install instructions you've sent and nothing's changed,

  • @LilBuff08 the instructions i suggested will replace Michael. Just make sure you used the TV folder from Replace.

  • I'm going to verify my game files and try again.

  • @LilBuff08 Has nothing to do with your game files. Can you send a screenshot of your root folder and your mods folder? This is an incredibly easy install. You very likely have the wrong folder structure for modding. You might want to look at this thread:

    Also, you will need to change the outfit using the trainer. There are instructions on the description page which I think are for Simple Trainer, if you use Menyoo decrease each number by one to get the right torso, pants, and shoes.


    alt text

  • My Mods folderalt text
    My Root folder
    alt text

    (Sorry for long response time this new user thing is killing me)

  • @LilBuff08 your mod folder structure, if i got the picture right, is wrong.

    The x64 folder goes in the update folder.
    Update.rpf goes in the Update folder too.
    Dlcpacks goes into the x64 folder.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in [HELP] Lunchxble's Tommy Vercetti Mod Installation.:

    @LilBuff08 your mod folder structure, if i got the picture right, is wrong.

    The x64 folder goes in the update folder.
    Update.rpf goes in the Update folder too.
    Dlcpacks goes into the x64 folder.

    I'm pretty sure they're all in the right place.

  • @LilBuff08 Your top picture has the caption my mods folder. If that's your mod folder then it is the wrong structure. The X64 of the mods folder should be inside Update of the mods folder, not next to it.

    The game X64 folder is NEXT to the game Update folder, but that's NOT the case for the mods version.

    The mods X64 folder needs to be INSIDE the mods Update folder, not next to it.

    Once more, you have the wrong structure. Put X64 inside update. And make sure Update.rpf is next to X64.

    alt text

    alt text

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