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XML Syntax Error

  • Hi. I've recently installed plenty of mods, well alot. I've learnt how to install all of them and they did work, however I installed some more today and none work now. Inside the dlclist.xml file when saving an error is displayed:

    XML syntax
    XML Parsing error at line 105, col 4:
    End tag 'Paths' does not match the start tag 'Item'.

    I did some research on the subject, tried to figure it out on my own but it just doesn't work...

    Anyways here's my dlclist.xml link. https://pastebin.com/qMzimbMY

    Thanks for any help.

  • <Item>dlcpacks:/emsnspeedo/<Item>

    This line is missing the /

    Should look like this


  • @Acreen
    It's always best when adding to dlclist.xml to copy the last working line and then edit it. You can do that by selecting the last line and copy/pasting it or you can select the last line with OpenIV, do a right click, and the context menu will say Duplicate current line or shortcut ctrl d.

    Now look at the error message you got XML Parsing error at line 105, col 4: So you know the culprit is line 105 and column 4 in Open IV

    Next error line: End tag 'Paths' does not match the start tag 'Item'.

    Well Paths is the tag in dlclist.xml which tells OpenIV where the addons to load are located. This is the default path. In a vanilla game, the GTA5 engine will load the dlc based on the game's version of dlclist.xml.
    Then it tells you the end tag and the start tags for Item don't match. That's because the start is always <Item> or <item> and the end is always </Item> or </item. Just don't mix upper and lowercase for the same item. And don't forget the addon also has a start / and an end /.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Item>dlcpacks:/emsnspeedo/</Item> <!--corrected as per @Jitnaught -->

    For more info:

  • @Jitnaught Seems to have done the trick! I can't believe I didn't notice that, thank you a lot!

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