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  • I have gta 5 and i did some modding inside gta 5. Like adding some graphics mods, cars, etc.
    I decide to clean the game but can't launch with asi loader and openiv.asi so i still play the game on modded version but without mods. After that i reinstall a tainer and ive add some modded cars, and now im doing the campain.
    When in game, i need to do the First FIB misson with Michael. And when i arrive, starting talking with the FIB guy, the game just don't load the scene. and its like the game is runing but i can't moove, he either, and can't move the camera. The only solution to get ou of this is by going on the menu and loading last save. Idk if im on the right channel to talk about this and my englsih is not that good...

    I hope you understand me, and understand my problem. I wish you know the solution !

  • @HeroNight I'm not really sure what your issue is but I'll suggest you do a verify integrity first.
    Modded cars should not impact your campaigns but if you added some script mods or script missions they definitely could.
    If you want to run your game without mods, at least to see if the campaign works, rename the file dinput8.dll to dinput8.bak and launch game.

  • every single mod, including those editing rpfs relies on asi loader.
    you can just rename dinput8.dll (like dinput8.dll.bak) and go to online just fine
    (although im not sure about enb and other graphical injectors, those should be removed as well)

  • okay so i delete all things that was about mods. i uninstall asi loader and openiv.asi, reinstall asi loader. Rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.bak but, when launching it i got ''ERR_GEN_INVALID" Corrupted game files. How do i verify the file of
    a game that i downloaded "illegaly"

  • @HeroNight If your game is illegal, you will not get support here. You are SOL. Buy the game for $10 and you won't have to worry about the trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, and bitcoin miners that are very likely installed on your computer now, completely undetected by whatever antivirus app you're using.

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