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Headlights Reflecting off of Dry Road During Daytime (NVR)

  • Hello,

    I'm having an issue where headlights will reflect off the road -- as if it were wet -- but during daytime hours and on a dry road. Attached are two images which show the issue.

    It's bugging me, as I can't unsee it now. The relevant mods I have installed are VisualV, NVR, LARoads(?), and Particle Effects(?). Probably has to do with the first two.

    If there are some files that can be edited to reduce this issue -- or alternatively, a way to disable headlights for all cars during daytime hours -- please let me know.

    Or is this the way VisualV/NVR work by default?


    alt text

    alt text

  • NVR has an installation file that is called disable wet roads. Find it and install it. It's in the NVR folder

  • thanks for the reply. This would disable the effect for when the road is actually wet, I gather. No other way around this?


    @KraljStefan96 no that was the effect to make dry roads reflect the sun from the asphalt which as a result also makes headlights reflection on the road surfaces, so you either settle with it or loose the effect where sun is reflected on road surfaces

  • thank you!

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