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Add-On Vehicles from GTA IV to V

  • So when I search on the site to download some Add-on vehicles, I don't see any vehicles I like from GTA IV are on.

    So I was wondering if anyone can port over vehicles from IV:

    Willlard, Willard (Yeah I know, but that's the make and model R* wanted to call it lol)
    Willard, Marbelle (drove by Vlad when pursuing him)
    Ubermacht, Sentinel
    Benefactor, Schafter (first generation)
    Benefactor, Feltzer (first generation)
    Schyster, PMP 600
    Albany, Presidente
    Albany, Presidente (Police Stinger variant)
    Emperor, Lokus
    Maibatsu, Vincent
    Declasse, Voodoo(regular clean variant)
    Declasse, Merit
    Maverick (I like IV's version then V's)

    I know this might be alot but these are my favourite vehicles from GTA IV and hope they are easy to port and convert into Add-Ons for V.


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