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Disappearing tuning parts

  • hi guys, i've recently installed the Nissan Skyline r34 by y97y, along with a few others addon cars, everything was fine. later ive found of a sound mod for the r34, that required the sostitution of a string inside the r34 vehicles.meta ( <audioNameHash>ELEGY2</audioNameHash> changed in <audioNameHash>bnr34ffeng</audioNameHash> )along with a normal addon installation. so i did it, and the sound works fine, but ive lost all the visual tuning parts for the car, can someone help me please ?

  • If it is in-game, verify your carcols.meta, and modify the ID and verify if the modkit_<carname> it's the same as carvariations.meta.

    If other car is using the same ID in carcols.meta, will not work for both, or just for one.

    If it is in rockstar editor... I don't know, I'm suffering the same.

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