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[HELP - MODDING] Police cars with two cops in normal circumstances

  • Hello, I have searched for answers on this but was not able to find any. Normally, cop cars only have one cop in them when spawned by game under normal circumstances, meaning no wanted level, but I want to change that to two cops. There doesn't seem to be any entries for "police" or "police2" in dispatch.meta and nothing in there that suggested a setting for number of cops in a car. Perhaps this is set in another file? I also looked in dispatchtuning.meta but to no avail. Perhaps I am looking at wrong place?

    Part of the reason I wanted to change this is that, while I normally have no wanted level because of trainer, I have too often seen all of them who responded gets killed by gangs when shootout breaks out (I provoked gangs but shhh don't tell anyone ;)).

    Any suggestions as to how to do this? Thanks in advance.

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