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I need help to get the Open IV to Work!

  • I'm getting frustrated trying to get the open iv to work on my desktop computer. It seem to be having trouble opening GTA V since I don't have the correct GTA V EXE to install. Also I don't have the key to open the open iv program. Can anyone please step forward and help me out please. Thank you.

  • @Xbox-Geek-Squad Did you buy the game from Steam or Rockstar Warehouse?

  • @Carrythxd I brought a game from the game stop for my Xbox 360.

  • @Xbox-Geek-Squad Are you trying to install mods via OpenIV to the Xbox 360 version? If you are, it won't work. Mods are for the PC version only.

  • Then explain to me how are they able to find a way to mod GTA V for Xbox 360? I have edited the Pandora source but couldn't find more code that help me to add on more for different themes and other coding to gain more network control of the players

  • Buy the game from Steam or from a store
    Download mods

  • @Xbox-Geek-Squad So your looking to cheat online. We cant help you with that.

  • Jerry9090, and FeralSparky you all need to stop playing around man and answer my question. I have already installed GTA V since I brought the game. The RGH itself will reveal the GTA V disc into a file on my console. It show default.xex which I have notice a lot of people use that default to crack a game info and to edit or data mining. So again answer my question more straight man. I ask you how did people like stelio Knotos that own the purge menu for xbox 360 is able to mod grand theft auto v, and even other group such as African mods are able to crack xbox 360 games and mod the heck out of it. So everything u're saying about pc is pretty much what they do on their laptop or pc to modified xbox 360 games using visual studio 2010.

  • On WHAT. Pc? OPEN IV is only for a computer. I can not tell if you are trolling or what. I am not playing or f*cking around. You CANNOT legally mod Xbox. Do yourself a favour and buy a pc. There is no support for Xbox 360. Illegal mod menus work but they are illegal. This site is mainly for PC only. "African mods" that are able to crack game files are illegal too. Stop asking about mods on xbox. There will never be legal support for the xbox unless Microsoft and the game owners allow the mods to work legally.

    Also, we will never get a notification that you responded unless you @ someone.

  • @Xbox-Geek-Squad Sorry bro/gal. There are no mods here on the site that allows any hacking, cheating, malicious activities online. Check your facts. This is not a bogus. Everything that we said is a fact, believe it or not. You are not able to cheat(legally) on Xbox live. How many posts does it take to make you understand that one simple fact. You are asking for illegal help. We are just wasting our time giving you a lecture to turn your modding life around. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Console modding and online hacking discussions are not allowed

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