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Changing wheels in Zmodeler?

  • Hy,
    Dont know what Im doing wrong, but I cannot change wheels on vehicle. Yes, Im beginner with Zmodeler.. maybe thats the case.
    I watched several tutorials and my vehicle always spawn without wheels. One tutorial was from known moder 13Stewartc.
    Is it really that hard to change wheels on existing models?

    Every advice is appreciated.


  • Do not forget to use "vehicle_tire" on the material you use for your tyres, otherwise they will be invisible in game

  • Thanks for advice.

    No I have another issue.. few days ago I made some changes on vehicle in zmod. That same vehicle work fine in game.
    Today I edit same model with small changes and now I can walk through vehicle in game.. but the model looks ok.
    If I use model from few days ago everything is fine.

    No matter what I do, even just import and export vehicle model without doing any changes causes this issue.
    I already redownload zmodeler, still the same. Any idea what is going on?

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