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Why can't I spawn a car?

  • I'm trying to spawn a McLaren (link below) and I can't. I've tried with my own LemonUI menu (no error message, no spawn) and I tried to spawn it with Menyoo (invalid model, no spawn).

    So I checked the dlclist entry, and I checked the spawn name which is different from the folder name. All good.

    Now I have about 400 cars installed and this is the first time, out of those 400 installs that I can't get a car to spawn. What did I do next. I removed all the cars from my dlclist.xml and added just the one line for that car. Result? It spawned perfectly.

    Conclusion: something, likely another McLaren but possibly another addon vehicle, is conflicting with this particular addon. I've had similar issues with ped - those we're resolved by editing values in the meta data, but never with a car.

    Now I can proceed by elimination and find the car or mod causing the conflict, but anyone have any ideas where the issue could be. Duplicate modkit ID?


    The picture below is just to confirm that my dlclist.xml and spawn name (double checked with yft in OpenIV) are correct. I'm able to spawn the car, just not with the 399 others.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN Update:

    I narrowed down the conflict to this model:


    which is conflicting with <Item>./DLC/Cars/McLaren/650sslw/</Item>

    disregard my syntax, my setup is quite different.

    Going to check the meta data now.

    FINAL UPDATE: Not a modkit conflict, going over my cars i found I had 2 cars sharing the same spawn name. That was the issue. Will rename one.

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