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Organizing a large car collection

  • Using LemonUI and some very elementary C# scripting can allow you to organize that huge addon car collection. Sure there are many mods out there but none will allow you to create your own categories, with only the cars you select, with as many categories and subcategories you want. And the best part is you can spawn your models fully customized with the livery of your choice and whatever extras (and you can use the same menu to further customize after spawn).

    Next step for me is to do image previews but with a twist. Rather than one car at a time I'll display a dozen or so in one image so you don't have to go car by car through hundreds. Thanks go out to @Jitnaught for providing the code to change images.



    too bad you're not really a discord person
    you are doing wonderful things so thanks for sharing your progress on this

  • @ReNNie Thanks for the kind words.

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