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My game crashes at certain places around the map. I don't know why.

  • Like the title, i don't know why my game keeps crashing when going to specific places in the map, for example, the place below:
    Here's the list of my currently installed mods, only add-on vehicles and scenarios.
    I also have Custom Props add-on mod and MapBuilder installed, and here are my ymap files in custom maps folder:
    Here are my scripts that I installed in case you ask me:
    What could be the reason that makes my game crashes at the same place everytime I get there? If I use another road the game works fine. Sorry I forgot to attach the game log because of that, but the crash reason is:
    Exit code 0xc0000005 indicates a fatal game exit (reason: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION)
    I'm looking forward to your support.

  • I don't have the exact answer you want but if anytime my game is wack and a system restart doesn't don't fix it I delete that GTA V folder then re-load my most recent glitch free backup and install each new mod until you find the culprit. Works every time.

  • @gtavjamal Thanks but i need more specific reasons. If I do it like yours It will take me ages to do that.

  • @trannguyen69 It's rarely necessary to reinstall or restore all files from backup. I looked at your dlclist.xml and it's no surprise you have crashes when you have so many mods installed.

    However I can't explain why they occur at specific places other than each area of the map has different memory requirements. This is due to the number and complexity of objects, assets, textures, polygons, etc.. You will notice changes if you watch your FPS counter as you move through the map. Simple ares of the map will often have higher FPS than complex areas such as the Forests of San Andreas.

    I would suggest you try a different gameconfig.xml first. If that doesn't work, try removing scripts/missions to get to the point where your game is stable again.

  • @trannguyen69 For sure my guy. Depends how far your last glitch free game file was saved and how many mods you installed since then Try it JohnFromGWN's way but if all else fails then reinstall. Me I don't mess around, got things to do. Usually takes me about 30 minutes to reload a stable game in that time I just go shoot hoops or whatever. Personally I keep multiple backups, a rolling stable backup too within the recent few installed mods so never a hassle or time consuming to fix the game if it bugs out. Best of luck.

  • @JohnFromGWN let me try. Thanks in advance.

  • @gtavjamal Good advice but corrupt or missing files are much rarer than stability issues. He can reinstall as many times as he wants but it will not fix a stability issue caused by mods and/or scripts. I have backups on my HDD and 2 external drives - but rarely have had to use them to fix a crash.

    His game runs and sure it could be a verify integrity fix, but based on the 200+ mods, I would look for stability first.

  • @JohnFromGWN I hear ya but corrupt files are fixed by replacing them with a backup that was working with those same mods / scripts. Saving backups with glitchy mods I don't do. Any wack mods that mess with my stable games I don't use or run them on a separate game. Time is money lol.

  • @JohnFromGWN I removed some custom maps ymap files and some DLC files, and also verify the whole game. Let me see if it still crash or not.

  • @trannguyen69 good. Btw, you don’t have to edit your dlclist.xml, just rename or move addons temporarily and they simply won't load. Im assuming your verify integrity didn't find any corrupt files, so you're on the right track.

    i would also rename my scripts folder temporarily cuz you have quite a few, meaning potential for conflicts and outdated scripts. The more complex your setup the harder it will be to troubleshoot.

  • Now there's another problem. I see that there are of lot of props are missing, even though I added them into the Menyoo's proplist. It didn't happened like that before. Both in vanilla buildings and custom maps ymap buildings. For example, walls are missing and traffic lights are missing. What could be the reason of that? This morning I reinstalled Menyoo and accidentally overwritten the old proplist. Could that be the problem? I remembered that I only install custom props addon and map builder discovery

  • @trannguyen69 your issues will not likely be fixed by reinstalling anything. On the contrary you should be focusing on disabling mods and scripts until you have a stable system. When you reinstall Menyoo it is important to do a backup first. Items like outfits in folders will not be overwritten but any file with the same name will be reset. But Menyoo was never the issue.

    Finding your issue should take less than 20 minutes if you use a step by step systematic approach. You start by disabling not reinstalling.


  • @JohnFromGWN Respectfully reinstalling will absolutely fix any corrupt files if the backups not only contain those corrupt files but they are working perfectly and all is stable. I am no computer guy but it's just logic.

    If the last backup was before the newly installed mods causing issues no problem. Assuming computer maintenance game is on point which it should be then just a matter of a few mods to forward test.

    In my case I have many backups including a rolling backup after every 2 to 5 mods max. Got to keep computer maintenance game in check. Not that it ever happens but lets say I accidentally saved a backup with a game crashing glitch, no problem I have many backups at frequent intervals. Simple.

    20 minutes etc of hands on work vs about 30 for a reinstall set and forget style. if you like the hands on approach then the 20 minutes option is the right choice for you. Me I don't have time to mess around, I would gladly wait an extra 10 minutes etc while doing something else productive.

  • @gtavjamal I think you misunderstood what I'm suggesting. The OP has issues that could be caused by a couple hundred different reasons or combinations.

    You are advocating that he just reinstall everything from clean backups and I'm suggesting that his issues are not due to corrupt files but rather from the hundreds of scripts and addons he has installed. You're also assuming he has backups. If that's the case he should be able to restore his Menyoo files, right?

    So you do what you think is right on your system, I'll do what i feel is right on mine, and we'll let the OP decide what to do on his own. There is no right or wrong here.

    Oh and ironically, the OP likely took your advice on reinstalling, at least for Menyoo, which created additional problems, when there was no indication whatsover that Menyoo was at fault. A trainer causing crashes or hundreds of scripts and addons? Which is more likely?

  • I have removed some addon dlcs but not scripts, plus I have edited the proplist tin Menyoo folder, I'll try.
    Edit: I have removed GPS script. It cause my game to unstable and lags when it works. I'll go deeper

  • The game looks fine now. However, in the Legion Square. There are some problems. I installed these Chrismas mods:
    I saw white tree texture, no traffic lights, and very low-resolution textures there. What could possibly go wrong?

  • @trannguyen69 First things first, did you fix the original issues with your game before adding more and more variables?

  • @JohnFromGWN I already fixed it, now it works fine

  • @trannguyen69 Ok good. Can you share what was causing the issues?

    With respect to your christmas mods: when you're having problems with your game, or just in general, it's not a good practice to add several mods at the same time.

    Instead add one, test. Add the second test. If you don't, and something goes wrong, instead of troubleshooting 1 mod you now, in your case, have to troubleshoot 3. Either 1, 2, or 3, or a combination are causing problems.

    The suggestions above are particularly true for scripts, missions, visual enhancers etc. It's much less likely that peds or vehicles will cause a game to crash or texture or other issues, if added in batches as long as your gameconfig bundle is appropriate.

  • @JohnFromGWN might be. I'll try

  • There could ba a problem with my driver. It stays the same even though I removed everything. Plus there are white trees and missing light poles around the maps, especially near Pillbox hill

  • I removed a lot of map mods and scripts but still have missing textures. I even verify the game but the problem still persists

  • Why there's no support?

  • I give up. There are too many errors and bug and glitches in my game.

  • @trannguyen69 said in My game crashes at certain places around the map. I don't know why.:

    I give up. There are too many errors and bug and glitches in my game.

    Yep. And every error, bug, and glitch in your game is due to something you installed. The game works perfectly without mods and it works perfectly when mods are installed properly.

    I provided suggestions to help you troubleshoot without having the slightest clue as to how your mod folders are structured, what you have installed, what your in game settings are, what version you are running, what your PC specs are, etc. You said at one point that everything was fixed and then you kept adding mods until it screwed up again. Simple logic would imply you get back to the stage where everything worked. Also put your visual settings back to defaults for now. Once stable, add one mod at a time. If you can't get that specific mod to work, post here or contact the author. If you say I added 50 mods and now I have texture issues, we don't know which of the 50 is causing your problems.

    As for your "No support" comment. This is a community of unpaid volunteers, so please have some respect for the time and help of others. If not you can try Rockstar support, they are paid to ignore your requests.

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