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How do I install a second GTA V for modding?

  • Yes I know this is another "How do I install another copy of GTA V for modding purpose thread" but I really want to know how do I install a second copy of GTA V just for modding.

    Since car mods are here, I decided to go full-on modding GTA V, from scripts t https://19216811.cam/ o models. I want to install another copy of GTA V in my PC just for the sake of modding. I don't really want to use a mod manager because I don't want to launch the mod manager and remove the modded .rpf files and script mods just to play Online.

    If you guys know any method on installing a second copy of GTA V it would be helpful, thanks!

  • @axpresbom

    As @WGotch07 wrote, you don't want to install a second copy, just disable your mods manually or with a batch file that toggles the rename.

    Another option, for brave souls only, is to create a second mod folder. I actually have 9 mod folders for stability purposes. Each one has Los Santos and a specific world with specific assets such as Liberty City or Vice City. They all share the same DLC folder to avoid duplication but they have different dlclist.xml files to load specific assets. I use an OIV updating process to keep all the mod folders updated.

    Everything is run from a batch menu so that manual intervention is not required, process to change and start a new mod is seamless. In fact the process also stores my credentials, userid, passwords for both Steam and Rockstar - so one entry and the game is loaded.

    alt text


    symbolic hotlinks are the invention of the century as far as I'm concerned, it makes running and maintaining multiple folders so much easier

    being able to run three different game installation folders (so not only the mods folder but I like your method), where two are on the same version (2189.0) and one being earlier (infamous 1868.0) and none of them is being updated any longer

    two share the dlcpacks and scripts folder via symbolic hotlinks whereas one 2189.0 does not share the scripts as I turned it into a race sim with SA and NY completely removed leaving a big empty hole in the map and no game scripts loaded thus giving more headroom for those Add-On Maps and all those drift racetracks to enjoy my racing wheel G27 with ikt's MT

    on that one ofc I do not want Taxi Missions, Lively World, SelectiveFire, BetterChases+ and the likes loaded in whereas it does need LapTimer, GhostReplay and so on

  • @ReNNie That's an excellent method too you have. Not sure if I even thought of using symbolic links, I've used them in the past but not with a game - can't remember what it was for but it worked perfectly. Actually, it was for Steam games, relocating without reinstalling.

    The separate mod folders works fine and taking dlcpacks out and putting it in the root folder was easy. The difficult part was creating the menu process and then creating an OIV to do 9 updates in one shot when needed.

    Essentially each mod folder has an empty text file and the name of the text file identifies the mod. Then when you make a selection, it renames the selected folder to Mods to make it current, running a process called CheckMod first. The CheckMod process essentially does a reset, it renames all the folders based on their text file name. At that point none of the folders are called Mods. For example:

    set ADDON_PATH="P:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\"
    cd /d %ADDON_PATH%
    if exist %ADDON_PATH%\Mods\LosSantos.Txt (Ren Mods ModsLS)

    And selecting a Mod to make current would go like this:
    call :CHECKMOD
    Ren ModsLS Mods
    call :ColorText 0a "Los Santos Main GTA5 Enabled"

    I keep one master dlclist.xml, and it is separated in categories using comment headers. All DLC are in subfolders as well.

    In passing your ped addon template and process is fantastic. I now have about 4 folders, some with descriptive names, and each with several rpf files.

    One final note, if anyone is interested. The OIV is structured like this, each Mod folder having it's own folder and dlclist.xml.

    <archive path="ModsLS\update\update.rpf" createIfNotExist="True" type="RPF7">
    <add source="LS\dlclist.xml">\common\data\dlclist.xml</add>
    <archive path="ModsCPNorth\update\update.rpf" createIfNotExist="True" type="RPF7">
    <add source="Cayo\dlclist.xml">\common\data\dlclist.xml</add>

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