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Altered file preview on mod page

  • To all the modders,, i really appreciate ur relentless passion for creating new content, but the thing is there are so many cool mods here that is really hard to choose . So i have like 70 mods installed and the problem occours on every single new mod i install i have to download first in order to check what files have been changed. Take a look on nexus mods the previwe shows before download all changed files, I think that should be done in gta5 modding aswell. since the problem here is once installed a mod that edits the same files you will not be aware off whaich one is working or not. So a list of files that are altered should be visible on the mod page before installing. I know it 7 years late but still an option.

  • This website isn't being updated anymore. Individual mod authors would have to do this, which just isn't going to happen.

  • @nieda113 Agree that would be nice but it ain't happening. I have all my mods in folders by categories. For example, I have my Ferrari models in 8 different folders based on their year of mfg or engine type. This helps quite a bit to make sure I have the latest versions.

    If unsure, I just go into properties and check the dates. The same applies to any mod, script, SHV, SHVDN, etc. As I add new mods I verify them carefully, and I either delete the old versions or stick them in an "older versions" folder.

    As for OIV, I never let them run automatically because they will indeed overwrite new files with old ones.

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