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The Reinstalling Myth

  • I've been playing and modding GTA 5 for just under one year. During that time I've experienced easily a few hundred issues and quite a few crashes - 99% due to my own mistakes, 1% due to crap mods or models. Of course I've done quite a bit of tweaking, scripting, texture changes, model changes, etc.

    During that time I have never reinstalled GTA 5, not even once. I have had a corrupt game save file once, which I restored from backup, and I had to do a verify integrity two or three times when I knowingly had screwed up files inside the games folder but didn't really care.

    So I'm always dismayed when members here reinstall their game when they have problems - based on advice from other members or just out of desperation. Fact is, reinstalling seldom will fix anything unless your game is so screwed up it doesn't run even without any mods installed. Given this is a modding forum, it's pretty safe that the vast majority of those who reinstall their game do so because their mods never worked or no longer work properly.

    Why will reinstalling rarely fix anything that a verify integrity won't? Because reinstalling doesn't overwrite any of your personal files. In other words your addons, your replaces, your scripts, your asi files, none of these files will be impacted unless placed in your games folder instead of mods folder, which is not recommended. If you screw up a file in your games folder, that's when you do a verify integrity.

    My advice here has always been first check if your game runs properly without mods. If it does, celebrate because you're in good shape. With that out of the way you can progress systematically by disabling (just rename) scripts (the most likely culprit), add on mods, replace mods, asi files (don't rename with .asi extension or they will still get loaded) and any other files.

    Happy Modding.


    @JohnFromGWN said in The Reinstalling Myth:

    I've been playing and modding GTA 5 for just under one year

    now I feel like the dino I am, switched from IV to V in 2015

  • @ReNNie nah, i still play the original Tomb Raider, the one with triangles as body parts, it came out in the late Cretaceous.

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