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[MISC] [WIP] New "Arthouse" Film For the Cinema (1917 Parody)

  • This seems less like a work in progress and more like lots of work without progress. The in game film activities are kind of an interesting novelty, but I personally found every one of them boring to watch, and I always wished people who make machinima would then mod them into the theater. So that's what I meant to do. Whether it's any less boring is debatable.

    The other day I tried asking if there was a way to prevent the game from compressing these files to potato quality during gameplay. I assume I won't get a satisfactory answer to this, so I guess the idea is effectively dead. But the video I made for it still exists. - Or maybe I'll just embrace the poor video quality and release it eventually anyway, idk.

    Anyway, it'll be below, more or less finished, I think I focused too much on little details like getting rid of laptops and keypads, or getting one unbroken "shot" and not enough on making it appropriately cinematic. But I worked hard!

    And again - it wasn't really made for YouTube anyway. Either way there's a funnier one I plan to release sometime about Michael obsessing over a new Cluckin' Bell product called "Can-o-bell". I think the video quality matters even less for that one, so if it's ever finished the mod will be forthcoming, but I have to start downloading other mods again, to work on it and that just sounds exhausting rn.

    I forgot to mention, I felt the need to age restrict it myself, because of a sight gag in the middle. Sorry about that.

  • BTW, does anyone know if anyone else has managed to make something like the "long take" before? - in GTA V I mean. Before I started making it, I found a couple threads in different places asking about how to do it, but I don't know if by the time I posted it anybody else had already done it before. It was a really long time in-between because of the pandemic.

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