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Potential Viruses from Ads Without Clicking on Them

  • I have gotten two pop-ups from my antivirus from different pages on gta5-mods telling me it "safely aborted a connection" to another website because it was infected with URL:TechScam. I didn't click on any of the ads - the first time it happened while browsing the Vehicles category, the second time while I was looking at the Schyster Greenwood Classic/Schyster Champion CE page.

    I wanted to mention it so the site owners here are aware, I don't know how much power you have over the ads here and I'm not blaming you guys.


    "URL:TechScam" reports aren't viruses, but deceptive ads which trick people into thinking they have a computer issue, and the operators try to scam your money from you. There's no actual malware being served.

    That said, I agree that this should be looked into, as I don't think we want to serve these kind of ads. The administrators have been informed.

  • @ikt Ok, thank you very much!


    Sorry to hear you're having problems. If you see it again, please can you provide as much info as possible so we can feed this back to the ad providers. These guidelines give you an idea of what we need: https://help.nexusmods.com/article/100-how-to-report-bad-or-inappropriate-ads (Ignore that it's a Nexus Mods help page, it's more the list of information that is relevant here.)

  • @Pickysaurus Thank you, I will do that if I have any further ads like that show up. So far there haven't been any others.

  • Not sure how relevant this is but on my website I use google ads, Sometimes those adds get flagged by anti virus as phishing, scams or just malicious in general, The google forums claimed these are out of googles control unless the user reports the specific advert to google, or the ads host as oppose to the website you've found them on. There should be an option to hide and report an ad on most of them.

    The ad hosts are entirely responsible for what appears on their clients website in my experience anyway

  • @Wildmandan Thanks for the info, but I don't really know if they're Google ads or who they are from. Regardless I would be reluctant to even click a report button on the ad when it's been marked as something by my antivirus.

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