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A Little bit of assistance please

  • Ayoiii thr guys iii hope that everybody is doing well and same goes to your family’s? I recently got back into gta on pc as I’m more into console but I got decent deal on that Black Friday sale thing for gaming laptop I was just wondering if u have chance when ever u can to assist me with the one mod menu iv download from u iv gotten the menu open and everything it’s just very slow or I’m slow but i follow all your steps u add in the mod if possible I’ll be so greatful or if know someone that could assist me as I do understand it’s just getting back into the hole game again as iv also made my account with your sight so everything hopefully iv done right so be quickly airatashion from me as I know also non of your mod menu are online only for offline sir but other than that thank so much once again Richardz

  • @ASUS5361 Which menu mod are you using and do you mean it works but it just is very slow? Does your game run properly? Do you know what your FPS is? If the mod is working it means you installed it properly and your issue is with your laptop performance or settings that are likely cranked way too high for it.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Hi man thank you so much for talking the time to to reply to my message it’s much appreciated? While I hope that it’s not the laptop as Its a Tuf intel i5 FX506LH gaming laptop with 8GB ram and a 1tb hard drive all updates are up to date other than that it’s just the GTa v game that been installed? And back to mod menu I saw one latest menus so I choose that one so I download the Openiv then the Script Hook V: plus the Script Hook V Net: and followed all the steps showed in the video that was provided so everything went smoothly the game load up in story mode and it was like blue ish yellow elish menu as couldn’t do much expect get the name street cars and change radio station and weather and also teleport to couple people houses but like trying to use menu was like very slow say you change it to Christmas 🎄 like u would wait bit for it spawn or do the item u choose to do but iv reinstall the game as wanted make back up so if had mess up I could just start again but other than that I much appreciated your assistance its much appreciated as ai man I play Xbox one but recently moved to to the laptop gamming side

  • @ASUS5361 You don't remember the name of Menu? I've never see a mod menu that was packaged with a video. Could you link either to the mod or to the video. Either way, if your mod works it means it is installed properly. Why it is slow is another question. Is it slow with all operations or only certain ones. Make sure also, since you are new, to install addon and replace mods in the mods folder and not the game folder. Scripts go in the scripts folder. Asi files go in the root folder. But before installing any other mods fix this issue first, and again what is your FPS? If your FPS is slow or you have too many mods installed everything could slow down.

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