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My wish for mod: destroy NPCs like in movie Suicide Squad...

  • ... or in games like Unreal Tournament. Axe and sword could remove head, arms etc. After shooting with e. g. assault rifle on entire neck, head would fall down. And using e. g. sticky, grenade, rocket launcher would "separate" body to many small bloody pieces.
    Please, create such mod, the game would be better. if such mod already exists, give me link.

  • @tedmed hmm. Have you been in lockdown too long? Jk

  • @JohnFromGWN I like such movies. I watched series The Boys, similar like movie Suicide Squad.
    So any way to create such mod? My way to this: In moment when i left-click and i hold sword, transparent NPC would instantly spawn on the same position as soon killed opaque NPC. Transparent NPC would have opaque head and vice versa - opaque NPC would have transparent head. So when i cut head with sword, both NPCs would fall but away from each other so i would see that head was cut and fell down.

  • @tedmed interesting approach. The synchronization of movement, even the identical initial positioning would be a helluva challenge and any lag or latency would result in blurring or ghosting although that could become part of the effect.

    You could, like you suggested, have an npc with a head that becomes invisible. That actually happens with poorly designed peds ironically. There is a simple native function to then make the head invisible. As that head comes off, the script could detect ped is injured and functions already exist for that as well and turn off the head visibility.

    The last part, the head rolling off, im unsure. Easiest way i can imagine would be a head model only that is manipulated through physics to simulate a beheading. Creating the peds would likely be more time consuming than the scripting, at least for a beheading.

  • This post is deleted!

  • i've found mod Dismemberment/Gore. Can someone create something better?

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