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Install 30 replace cars in less than 10 minutes

  • In this video I replaced 7 cars in just over 2 minutes, or roughly 20 seconds per car. Meaning you could do 3 cars per minute or more since i'm taking my time here. In the video you will see me pause and change my mind, twice, not because i'm having a mini-stroke but because some of the mods replaced the same mods - meaning I'll convert those replaces to addons instead.

    Best part of this process is you can disregard the instructions for where to place the mod, well there might be exceptions.

    1. Copy the latest patch file from your games folder to your mods folder. Currently this is patchday25ng.

    2. Drag and drop your replace files using OpenIV here:

    3. Drag and drop your replace vehiclemod files, if included, using OpenIV here:

    4. If you have any additional files, such as vehicles.meta, you will need to do those separately.

    Will this process work with the next GTA5 updates? It should. Only exception would be if R*Crap decides to make changes to any of the existing DLC cars, for example to emperor, which is pretty unlikely.

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