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Data errorcodes

  • all my files in the data folders have disappeared, as well as all the vehicles that I had installed, I did not understand absolutely anything, I knew it after having wanted to spawn a car in the game, if there is a possibility to fix this i am asking you for help, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it doesn't work. thank you for your help

    ( x64>data>errorcodes )

  • @Wamed-Hally There is only one file in data/errorcodes that would be of importance to you and that's the one in your native language. And why are you even looking inside this folder?

    Uninstalling, reinstalling....total waste of time and effort. A verify integrity is generally the remedy that works when you have accidentally deleted or damaged game files. It has zero impact on mod files.

    You haven't provided enough information to help. It sounds like you deleted all your addon/dlcpacks so I would check my recycle bin and see if they are still there.

    Or were you installing replace vehicles directly in the game folder? Please provide some details such as how you structured your folders, what mods are installed and just as importantly where you installed them (in what folders).

    One final note, files never disappear on their own, always human error. The good news, this can be easily fixed.

  • My bad ! it's was my mistake, I found them...

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