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how do i get rid of la roads oiv

  • it's ruined the textures and pissed me off every 2 seconds

  • @baked-beans Oiv are crap except those you write yourself for personal use. Ofc that's just my opinion.

    1. Using 7-zip, extract your Oiv file just as you would a normal zip or rar or 7z file.
    2. Inside you will find a file called assembly.xml. it will tell you exactly what files were installed including the files it replaced from your own files. That's the manual process.

    If you're experienced with computing, here's another option.

    1. Using 7-zip, don't extract the oiv file, but instead open the archive using the very top option in the context menu (right click the oiv file) from 7-zip.

    2. You will see a folder called content or sometimes just files. If there is a content folder it may also have subfolders. Replace all the files with your own and exit. You will be asked if you want to save or update, say yes. You will need to get original files from your games folder. If it overwrote your gameconfig, reinstall. If it overwrite your dlclist.xml, you're SOL unless you have a backup.

    3. Install the Oiv from OpenIV with your original files.

    Sorry but no easier way.

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