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Learning How to Vinyl Wrap Cars

  • Hello I have experience in custom Skinning characters in other games and I'm hoping to learn how to design cars in GTA 5 for implementation in real life. I got a local musician I've worked with a few times, including making a music video. Shes got a brand and style and a 2018 santa fe. I've found the car model that's close enough and just need some help figuring out how to decal the thing. I'm running Gimp with dds plugin and able to mess around with other cars but I have yet to get this car model even in the game let alone figure out how to decal.

    Point Form

    1. how to get 2018 santa Fe model into GTA5(recently updated on steam)
    2. How to create the decal dds file for the model

    Open iv
    advanced trainer 48.1
    asi loader

  • @EvanGarrow
    I can't comment on your decals specifically but I used to save everything as dds with intel plugin and Photoshop until I realized OpenIV will do the conversion for you from jpg, png, etc.

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