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My mods stop working after 1-2 days of usage

  • hey there fellow gamers,i have been recently facing an issue with mods. I used to download Addons and Replace mods for certain cars, vehicle persistence mod and the malibu mansion mod. but after i use these mods or 1-3 days,they disappear at some time.When i open my game in the morning to play,suddenly all these car mods and house mod disappears and im only left with menyoo mod and the vehicle persistence mod,so if anyone has a solution for this problem,pls let me know. Thank you! :)

  • @ShadowBlazer Are you saying the mods disappear or the cars are not there any longer when you save your game and restart. If you spawn by script you will not have this problem, if your persistence mod doesn't work try the addon spawner, i'm pretty sure it supports persistence although I don't use it.

  • @JohnFromGWN the vehicle persistence mod is there but my addon cars and my mansion disappears. all thats left is menyoo mod and vehicle persistence mod

  • @ShadowBlazer Cars disappearing when spawned with Menyoo is expected, but the Mansion is a YMAP, isn't it? I'm sorry I have no idea how that one can disappear.

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